Studio A4

The architectural firm STUDIO A4 was initially founded in 1989 as a limited liability company by 4 architects: Michał Bay, Stanisław Kondarewicz, Jacek Lenart and Andrzej Skrouba. In 1991 Andrzej Skrouba was replaced by Andrzej Morawski, in 2011 Stanisław Kondarewicz passed away, and in 2012 Andrzej Morawski left the firm. At the moment the company has two owners: Michał Bay and Jacek Lenart.


STUDIO A4 has 7 employees and cooperates on a permanent basis with approximately 10 architects and other specialists from the construction industry.


STUDIO A4 offers: architectural and multi-disciplinary designs of residential, public and industrial buildings; the examination of historical buildings and designs for their renovation; spatial planning and urban planning studies and designs; interior designs.


STUDIO A4 architects have all the qualifications required in Poland to deliver spatial plans, designs and expert assessments in the field of architecture and renovation of historical buildings, as well as for the verification of national and international projects

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